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Urawa Red Diamonds (浦和レッドダイヤモンズ Urawa Reddo Daiyamonzu), colloquially Urawa Reds, are a professional association football club playing in Japan's football league, J1 League. The club has been able to boast the highest average gates for fourteen of the J-League's twenty season history. This includes 2012's highest average of over 36,000. After the club began hosting games at the new Saitama Stadium in 2001, they could accommodate a sharp increase in crowd numbers, a boom which peaked in 2008 with an average of over 47,000. In 2014, the club was forced to play the March 23rd match in front of an empty stadium due to a controversial banner that was hung during the previous home fixture.

The name Red Diamonds alludes to the club's pre-professional era parent company Mitsubishi. The corporation's famous logo consists of three red diamonds, one of which remains within the current club badge. Its hometown is the city of Saitama in Saitama Prefecture, but its name comes from the former city of Urawa, which is now a part of Saitama City.