Buying players is an essential part to FIFA 12. It helps improve your squad and therefore will gain you more succes.

Buying PlayerEdit

To buy a player you just need to submit an offer to the club who owns that player. Then if accepted you will enter contract negotiation with the player. However if your bid is rejected then that can be for a number of reasons.

Transfer Bid RejectionsEdit

You didnt offer enough money. You tried to buy a player who had just signed a new contract. If a player is under a new contract at a club, then you will have to wait a year before you can approach him succesfully.

Contract NegotiationsEdit

Contract negotiations are the next step for signing a player. Above where your contract negotiations the board will suggest what the player wants in terms of wages and years. This can be ignored. You will offer the player an annual wage and the amount of years at your club and the extra percentage of wage for each clean sheet/ goal scored. If they player accepts the contract then you will then have the option to sign him.


To loan a player you will just have to negotiate his contract. However if the club doesnt want to loan that player then there is a certain trick you can play.

Loan to Buy offerEdit

To guarantee a player to come to your club for a season you can use the loan to buy offer. If you offer the players club a substantial amount of money for the player £200million) then you will basically guarantee him signing for your club for a season. Then at the end of the season you can choose to buy him or let him go back to his club. You can do this repeatedly season after season, so you dont have to buy the best players only loan them. Doing this repeatedly does not affect your game what so ever. You will just have better players.

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