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The global transfer market plays a massive role in the FIFA career mode. The global transfer market allows the player to browse the market for players that they wish to sign or loan. The player is able to adjust the search settings to suit their specific needs. Every club has a transfer budget and wage budget, which is used for signing, loaning extending contracts and signing youth players into the youth squad.

Buying Player

To buy players you simply click on them in the transfer market section in career mode you will then be given an option to buy, loan or enquire which will give you the clubs that the player you wants valuation. Note: this is often different to what the normal valuation is and can vary depending on certain circumstances such as the form the player is in or how many players does the selling club have in the position of the player being sold.

Once you have sent an offer the selling club will either accept or reject your offer if your offer has been rejected this means that you haven't offered enough money, the player may of recently moved to the team making him unable to move in the first transfer window at the club he's at or if your using the Swap player feature, the club isn't interested in the player your offering. When a transfer breaks down you will be unable to renegotiate again until at least a year has passed.

If accepted, you will enter the contract negotiating phase, which is where you negotiate with the player and his agent over his contract. Again the same principal applies here as do with the transfer negotiating although slightly different. You will have to offer an appealing enough weekly wage and the contact length should reflect the players age, for example a player in his 30s will most likely reject a long term contract, preferring a short term one whereas a younger player will more likely accept a long term one. You may also have to negotiate the players bonuses, signing on fees and release clause.

If you fail to negotiate a contract with the player the transfer deal falls through and like the Transfer fee negotiating stage you will be unable to negotiate with the player until a year passes. Note: In older Fifa's which don't have the negotiating cutscenes you will be able to renegotiate with the club or player until the club or player agree to your terms or the club or player end negotiations permanently.

If the transfer successfully goes through the transfer fee and player wage will be deducted from your clubs finances.


Loaning players is a useful way to get talented young player for teams that don't have the transfer budget to sign them on permanent deals. This feature works similar to normal transfers however you don't pay a transfer fee nor do you own the player rather you get to have a player for a set amount of time which can be Short term (half a season long) 1 year loan (whole season) or 2 year loan (2 seasons). You will have to negotiate the percentage of the players contract that you will be paying, for example: Players contract is 1k week and you agree to pay 50% of the players wage so 500 will be deduced from your wage budget and the parent club will pay the other half.

At the transfer market section in the menus if you go down to Transfer status and select "loan" you will be given a selection of players loan listed by their clubs. Typically clubs will only let their players go out on loan if they are loan listed so its important to use this search feature to narrow it down to players that will most likely join your club although its still possible to loan in players not listed though its significantly unlikely. If you are team that is in a lower league, top rated players will be harder to attract to your club.

The loanee's wage will be deducted from your wage budget unless you have agreed to 0% wage contribution during negotiation.

You can recall and end a loan for a fee that is scaled to the players overall and value. This fee will be deducted from your transfer budget.

Loan to Buy offer

You can offer a loan to buy deal which means at the end of the loan spell you can buy the player for the agreed transfer fee in the initial loan deal. This feature can be used as an exploit to get clubs to always accept loan offers by simply adding an outrageous future transfer fee and you are not obligated to buy the player at the end of the loan spell so no need to worry.