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Alan Smith and Martin Tyler during matches

Martin Tyler is one of the English commentators teams who appeared in FIFA besides. He co-commentates with Alan Smith or Andy Gray.


  • "Hi there, I'm Martin Tyler and its time for the Barclay Premier League action for you."
  • "La Liga is the competition that are featuring in our match today, I'm Martin Tyler, hello to you all, Alan Smith is with Me."
  • "And he goes for Goal!"
  • "They have to called him Mr Hundred Percent, every shot is resulted in a goal."
  • "Ohh, it's hit the post here!"
  • "Manchester United, are really at their best in this first half."
  • "There is he's, always wanted to takes players on."
  • "Long range effort, very long range."
  • "Can he turn away from the challenge here?"
  • "Good block."
  • "Fist Away by the Goalkeeper!"
  • "Hatrick! Goal number 3 here!"
  • It's a hattrick today! It's a day he will never forget!
  • "It's a hattrick! He really is on top of his form, and on top of the opposition!"
  • "This is one of the best finishers in the game."
  • "No doubt about this fella technique, he's the real master of the pass."
  • "He has been playing absolutely on top of his game today."
  • "And today is Real Madrid against Barcelona, what we got here is two real rivals and that could bring the best out of the two teams."
  • "This is as you all know, a local derby."
  • "Here's the cross"
  • "Goal! Fantastic header!"
  • "You gotta be sorry for the goalkeeper because i think that was a good save, but when he needed help from his defender he didn't get it."
  • "Oh! Stop the shot, bravely."
  • "Defender are worry about Cristiano Ronaldo."
  • "Here's the chance!"
  • "There he is, that fox in that box!"
  • "Good pass"
  • "Excellent interception under some pressure i must say."
  • "Superbly done!"
  • "The cliche now about Manchester City, is they are noisy neighbors, noisy, because, for a long time they have been in the same city, Cito has the resources these days.
  • "One of the most one-sided games that i've ever seen!"
  • "Well, with that goal Alan, it should wrap it up for Barcelona." -Alan: "I would have thought so, surely no way back now!"
  • "Lunging it, slide tackle!"
  • "And it's a penalty!"
  • "And he shoots!"
  • "Surely!"
  • "If it wasn't bad enough to concede, but to an own goal!"
  • "Look at the space he's got!"
  • "He's in behind them!"
  • "And the flag has went up for an offside"