Joaquin "Toro" Gallo (27th July 1987, Madrid, Spain) is a Spanish professional footballer, who plays for the same club, as Journey protagonist Alex Hunter. He is shown to get along well with Frenchman teammate Philip "Lili" Bernard. Toro met Hunter the first day he came into his first Premier League club, the two got along really well and was asked by the gaffer to take Hunter for his training debut. Toro was first seen to be sarcastic and a playful person along with Bernard who loved to poke fun at Alex and Gareth. Later Toro becomes kind hearted and very acknowledgeable of Alex when he returns back to the Premier League after his time on loan. Toro was also shown to not touch Alex's Granddad's ball before matches for good luck and would intentionally ignore it. Only after becoming much close to Alex and football ties were getting stronger, just prior to the FA Cup Final he touches it for good luck along with Bernard.