Hans De Noteboom is a fictional dutch referee and former player in the Fifa video game series.


De Noteboom first appeared in Fifa 08 as one of the many created players in the unlicensed Netherlands national team. De Noteboom was a striker and at 89 overall was one of the best players on the game, a combination of high speed and strength stats giving him a physical advantage over defences.

Although originally not appearing in Fifa 09, De Noteboom later became available in a winter squad update with his stats slightly reduced and his overall at 87.

With the licensing of the Netherlands national team in Fifa 10, De Noteboom was 'retired' by EA. Due to their fondness of him they created a short parody film'Ode to De Noteboom' in which Peter Moore and David Rutter spoke of his legacy.

It was not long however before De Noteboom returned to the series as a referee in Fifa 11 and has since become a regular in all subsequent titles.


Fifa 08

Finishing: 92

Heading: 92

Shot Power: 95

Strength: 84

Positioning: 69

Acceleration: 85

Sprint Speed: 85

Fifa 09 Winter

Finishing: 90

Heading: 88

Shot Power: 95

Strength: 84

Positioning: 95

Acceleration: 85

Sprint Speed: 85


Card Strictness: Average

Foul Strictness: Average