Grêmio Barueri
Gremio Prudente

Flag of Brazil Campeonato Brasileiro Série A

Grêmio Barueri Futebol Ltda., generally known as Grêmio Barueri, or just as Barueri, is a Brazilian football club from Barueri, São Paulo state. The club was formerly known as Grêmio Recreativo Barueri and Grêmio Prudente Futebol Ltda.

The club was founded in 1989, in the city of Barueri, on the north-western outskirts of metropolitan São Paulo. The club and the city of Barueri failed to reach an agreement about training facilities and the concession of the Arena, causing the club to move to Presidente Prudente in the countryside, about 600 km from the state capital. The move was formalized by the end of February 2010, and it was announced that a change of insignia and kit would follow within the next weeks. The club moved back to Barueri in 2011.

The club's home stadium is the Arena Barueri, which has a maximum capacity of about 31,452 spectators



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