Gareth Walker (London, 15th December 1999) is an 18-year-old from Clapham, London. He was best friends with Alex Hunter the protagonist of the Journey mode. Whilst growing up with Alex for most of his childhood and teenage years, he also fell in the same path and became a professional footballer. Gareth signed for the same Premier League team as Alex Hunter did, and made quite a performance in his debut season, when Alex was on loan in the EFL Championship. His ego and personality quickly came to a down fall and his character became very cocky, arrogant and turned the long time friendship with Alex Hunter into a new rivalry. After Hunter comes back on loan to his parent club, Walker then departs for the clubs rivals, only for the fact that the rival club were willing to offer him more money and big name deals. When the end of the season approaches Walker and Hunter start in the FA Cup Final and the pair encounter each other in the tunnel before the match. The pair become reconciled by offering a handshake after the match result. In FIFA 18, Walker isn't seen as much. Walker was seen when he was about to go for a football interview with Rio Ferdinand after Alex finished his interview before him. Gareth spoke to Alex for a few minutes and criticized him for having Taylor as his agent still after Gareth had a down moment with him, which led to Walker firing Taylor as his agent. Another time he was featured was in the EFL Cup Final where he faces Danny Williams. Walker is around the height of 5' 7 ft and weighs approximately 75 kg. After apearing in FIFA 17 and FIFA 18 Journey, in the final Journey FIFA 19, Walker is no longer featured anymore.


  • He is portrayed by Lewis Reeves.
  • Gareth Walker was not shown to have any close friends or family even when he was in FIFA 17 and even after he tried to make an enemy out of Alex. Though he mentioned at one time to Alex when they were kids he had to head off home, and tell his mum about the cup match he won with Alex, which none of his family members attended.
  • Another time Gareth had no family support was when he was called for The ones to watch football interview with Rio Ferdinand , he walked in by himself and no one by his side, not even his new agent if he had one after firing his former agent Michael Taylor.
  • His nickname is "Gaz"
  • He and Alex attended St John Bosco secondary school in London for their schooling.
  • Lewis Reeves also plays football in real life but at the amateur level.