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Manager Mode

Manager Mode is part of the Career mode in FIFA 12.

Manager mode can in theory be played forever because of the fact that there are youth players always being produced.

To have a successful manager mode you need to:

Keep the board happy by completing objectives.

Board Objectives

Mostly these objectives include winning titles or progress in cup compitions.

Here are a few you may encounter:

Win the League

Win the Cup

Reach the Semi Finals of the Champions Cup

Finish in the top half of the league

These are a few you may encounter or ones similar to this.

Youth Development

Another important part of manager mode is your Youth Development squad.

Doing this can make you a successful manager because there is some real talent out there.

See the Youth Development article for more details.


Transfers also play a big part of Manager Mode.

Appart from Youth Development there would be no other way to improve your squad.

You can loan or buy players.