F.C. Penafiel
FC Penafiel



Flag of Portugal Primeira Liga

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Futebol Clube Penafiel (Portuguese pronunciation: [pɨnɐfiˈɛɫ] or [penɐfiˈɛɫ]) is a Portuguese football club founded in 1951 and based in the city of Penafiel. Penafiel first reached the first division in 1980–81, first lasting two seasons. It also played there from 1983–86, 1987–92 and 2004–06, and will compete from 2014 onwards. In 2007–08, the club played in the second level, and eventually were relegated to the third after finishing second from bottom. They made the semifinals of the Taça de Portugal in 1985–86, the furthest they've gone in the competition.