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Deportes Temuco is a Chilean football club based in Temuco. It currently plays in the Primera A, holding home games at the new Estadio Municipal Germán Becker.

The club was founded on February 22, 1960, as Deportes Temuco and again on March 20, 1965, after a merger with Green Cross. Until 1984, the club was known as Green Cross – Temuco, and, in 2007, changed its name to Deportivo Temuco, only on that season.

In 2013, the club fused with Unión Temuco, but the name of Deportes Temuco was kept, along with the logo and traditional white and green colors, making it seem as Deportes Temuco absorbing Unión rather than a fusion. Thanks to the fusion though, Deportes Temuco left the Segunda División and returned to Primera B for season 2013–14, using Unión Temuco's place in that league.

On the season 2015-2016 the team won the championship Primera B. So in the current season it plays in Primera A, the highest Chilean league of soccer.