Daniel "Danny" Williams (8th July 1996, Forest Hill London) was the villain turned reformed in the Journey Series. Danny was part of the same youth academy as Hunter, only being 3 years his senior. Williams then earned a pro contract and was signed by the EFL Championship for his debut. He was first known to have mocked Alex Hunter about his mothers old dodgy car prior to the exit trial. He came across as a bully and persistently kept picked on Alex and Gareth during the Exit Trials. After Hunter got a pro contract in the EPL and went on loan in the Championship with Danny's club, Danny took a quick turn around towards Alex and became good friends with him. In FIFA 18, he goes to Rio De Janeiro Brazil along with Alex, then starts his career again in the EFL. Later on in the season, Williams signs with Alex's former EPL club and makes quite an impression. He starts in the Carabao cup against the clubs secondary rivals then if Danny's club wins, he will start in the Carabao cup against the clubs primary rivals and will take on Gareth Walker. Just before kick off Danny, Lili and Gallo encounter Walker in the tunnel and Walker criticizes Danny about his move to the PL after his time in the Championship. Danny Williams character is very sarcastic and has a habit of being a smart aleck, but sees himself as getting along with others and being the joker.


  • He is played by English actor Chris Walters
  • Danny attended Alex and Gareth's youth academy together and was one of the top players
  • He also went to Alex's rival school in London during his school years.