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Al-Taawoun ("Cooperation" Arabic: التعاون‎‎) is a Saudi Arabian football team in Buraidah city playing at the Saudi Professional League. At the beginning of the establishment of the club was named "Club Saudi youth" Among the most prominent founders at the time the Saleh Alwably the first president of the club. After the founding of the club four years has been registered officially under the auspices of young people and that was in 1960. Has also been recognized as a club official authorized by the General Presidency for Youth Welfare in April 1963. Football Akaddmoma the most prominent achievements is to get first team football at the King's Cup and the summer of 1990, and this achievement is unprecedented not only on the level of first division clubs, not at the level of Saudi club Al-Qaseem. In 1995 rose for the first time in its history to the Saudi Premier League, and dropped after one season, and returned in 1997 to the Premier League, and dropped after one season, and returned to climb in 2010. The team pulled off a shocker in the 2014–15 Saudi Professional League when they had 8-time league winners Al-Ittihad down 4–0 by the 60th minute of their hometown match. Al-Ittihad managed to score 3 goals and the game ended 4–3 with the final whistle. In the away match in Jeddah, Al-Ittihad were able to reverse the same score as they won 4–3.